In Search Of The Next FAP Turbo

We spend a lot of time looking for new EA:s that could potentially be profitable ones. The Expert Advisor Industry is however a jungle and a pretty dirty industry with plenty of scams and rip offs. Many developers manipulate data

EURCHF and EURGBP. Lets say that you deposit USD 2000 on the account. Our estimate is that you will turn over about 10-15 Lots per USD 1000 per month on your account when using FAP Turbo and Megadroid. Assume that your turnover is 24 Lots per month on your USD 2000 account.

Your monthly discount during the first month would then be:

0.6 x 8 x 24 = USD 115

Your annual ROI would then be (115×12/2000) about 70% per year.

This is a very conservative figure since it does not take any

As we have mentioned several times before

Time to start trading GBPCHF with FAP Turbo?