Forex Automated Trading

Forex automated trading is a way of making money on the forex markets by using automated trading systems. The most widely used trading platform in forex automated trading is the Metatrader 4 trading platform. It has several advantages. For example, by using so called Expert Advisors you can trade forex automatically even when you sleep. Forex Megadroid, FAP Turbo and Forex Shocker is among the most popular Expert Advisors that you can use if you want to get into forex automated trading.


Brokers make money on spreads and commissions. When your turnover is very large, your broker make a lot of money from your trading. Is there a way to get a discount or cashback on all this money your broker is making from your trading?


Yes there is! Take a look at the following calculation example:


Assume that you open an account with FXCM which a very reputable MT4 Broker, which offers 0.6 pip discount per roundtrip lot traded. One pip equals about $10 on average if you trade EURUSD, EURCHF and EURGBP. Lets say that you deposit $2000 on the account. Our estimate is that you will turn over about 10-15 Lots per $1000 per month on your account when using FAPTurbo and Forex Megadroid. Assume that your turnover is 24 lots per month on your $2000 account.


Your monthly cash rebate during the first month would then be:

0.6 x 10 x 24 = USD 144

Your annual ROI would then be (144×12/2000) about 86% per year.


This is a very conservative figure since it does not take any compounding at all into regard and assumes zero growth from expert advisors. Assuming a monthly growth rate of 20% you could make $4500 per year from this program only.


It is 100% free to sign up and your spreads or commission remains the same after joining this program so there is really no reason why not to join. It is simply just money waiting to be collected by you!


One of the major advantages with this service is that you get paid based on your trading volume, not the win rate of your trading. So even if you go break even on the actual trading results during a specific month, you will still be able to make a nice profit on your automated forex trading when accouting for the monthly cash back that you can receive when signing up for the broker cahsback program explained in this article.


By using so called Expert Advisors you can trade forex automatically even when you sleep. Forex Megadroid, FAP Turbo and Forex Shocker is among the most popular Expert Advisors that you can use if you want to get into forex automated trading.


FXCM is not the only broker for forex automated trading that is connected to Cashback Forex. You can also claim a cashback from the following brokers: Alpari UK, Avafx, Dukascopy, Etoro, FXCBS, FXCM, FXDD, Fxopen, Fx Pro, GallantFX, Go Markets, Liteforex, Marketiva, Tadawul FX, X Forex


If you are in the field of forex automated trading, sign up for this program today and start to take advantage of the cashback system and get some money back from the brokers.


To learn more about this program here: Cashback Forex



Good luck with your trading!


FxAI Team”

Automated Trading System

How valuable is an automated trading system? This depends on how large the forex trading market is. The size of the market will determine the importance of the automated trading system. Forex market is the largest market in the world in terms of average daily turnover and also average revenue per trader. It is also the largest market in terms of people participating.

With a large number of participants, the need is real to switch from a manual to an automated trading system. This automated system is of extra advantage to the speculators because they concentrate on the price fluctuations of several foreign currencies to make good profit. To determine trades, the real time data analysis will help them and also give advantage to them.

There are many automated forex systems for trading that are available in the market. Some such systems are offered even for free or as part of the trading accounts from the forex brokers and agents. These system packages that come complimentary are basically elementary trading systems. You will have to make extra payments if you want to have additional features.

There are two types of automated forex systems:
1. Desktop based system – All the forex related data are stored on the hard drive on your desktop. This system is not very popular because most of the forex traders feel that their data are exposed to computer virus contamination or other security problems. The worst part of their fear is that when the computer malfunctions for some reasons, all the necessary information may be lost or it cannot be retrieved unless they have made arrangement with some back-up files of their own. This system is also little expensive when compared with the other types of automated trading systems.
2. Web-based system – The security of your forex account and other data are provided by your web-based provider. These are hosted on secured servers. This system is convenient as there is no software required and it will be universally compatible with your internet browser.

It is always safer to try different automated trading systems and their demonstrations before you start using them as you will be able to decide on a particular system that will suit your needs and personal preference. It is to your advantage if you use an automated forex trading system for your trades even if you are a small scale trader.

An automated system can even triple your productivity while it cuts down on the effort that is required to do so. The forex signal alert software lets you know when the trade is ready. When you have been alerted on the optimal time to trade, you just have to simply get ready and make the trade before you return to the currency pair that you were tracking manually. The forex signal alerts you by means of a computer pop up, an audio signal or a text message on your mobile.

The automated forex trading system handles everything, including the trade itself. It does not become easier than using an automatic forex trading system that recognizes both the buying and the selling opportunities.