What to Do when Dealing with Taxes in Two Countries

When I was younger I wanted to move south. I had enough of snow and slush and frigid cold by the time I was 18. Then I went to college and got a degree. I then went on to get a doctorate, and I worked hard at becoming a geologist that companies would find valuable to hire for consultations whether it was for energy exploration or construction. Now, after living in the south, I am working with a company to help me with Canada US tax planning for a year my wife and doggies across the northern border. I could not pass up the pay. It will take several years off of our need to work to retire. I really cannot believe they are paying so much, but I am taking it while the offer is available.

I know nothing about earnings and taxes when you are a US citizen and earning Canadian money. I can tell you about Canadian geology, but I cannot tell you anything about Canadian currency. (more…)