What to Do when Dealing with Taxes in Two Countries

When I was younger I wanted to move south. I had enough of snow and slush and frigid cold by the time I was 18. Then I went to college and got a degree. I then went on to get a doctorate, and I worked hard at becoming a geologist that companies would find valuable to hire for consultations whether it was for energy exploration or construction. Now, after living in the south, I am working with a company to help me with Canada US tax planning for a year my wife and doggies across the northern border. I could not pass up the pay. It will take several years off of our need to work to retire. I really cannot believe they are paying so much, but I am taking it while the offer is available.

I know nothing about earnings and taxes when you are a US citizen and earning Canadian money. I can tell you about Canadian geology, but I cannot tell you anything about Canadian currency. (more…)

Forex Auto Trading

Forex auto trading helps you to solve the problem of large time commitment to physical trading. Forex can be traded automatically when you do not have the required time to analyze the currency market and do the trading yourself. Simply, you can identify the robots for forex auto trading, download them and make them work for you.

What is Forex Auto Trading?

If you are a forex trader, you will want to utilize the large profit potential that the forex market offers you. It is possible to make more money as an individual currency trader for many reasons than in any other field when you consider in terms of the time and money ratio.

Leverage is one of the most useful tools that you can adopt when it comes to creating money through forex trading. Forex trading becomes lucrative when the leverage is combined with market access and low transaction costs.

When you want to become a full time trader, you may not be able to commit a lot of time. Forex auto trading will help you to take advantage of the foreign exchange market without the large time commitment. Forex auto trading is simply setting up of the mathematical rules and calculations and inserting them into your trading platform in order to literally make your platform trade for you regardless of whether you are at your trading station or not.

Forex Auto Trading is akin to Passive Income

Creating a forex auto trading system and setting it into motion is very much like earning a passive income. A good example of active income is when you are working as a shop clerk. This is because you go to work for a month and you will be paid for that month. If you want more money, you will have to look for extra part time work in your spare waking time left with you. Passive income is slightly different. You may not have any immediate benefits but once you start earning, you will get paid like clockwork regularly.
So, you can set up a forex auto trading system instead of trading your time for money. The forex auto trading system will make money for you whether or not you are actually working at it. Normally, when you trade in the forex market, you will have to sit down at your computer and select a profitable trade time whenever you want to make money. Devising a forex auto trading system will help you make money repeatedly without attending to your computer.

Trading Platforms that Support Forex Auto Trading

You can put all your efforts into setting up and testing different mathematical and technical strategies. Once you make up a forex auto trading system that can profit consistently, you can walk away and let that system do the rest. A few good forex trading platforms that support forex auto trading are MetaTrader and TradeStation.

When you are using MetaTrader, you will employ simple programming language to create a code which is known as `expert advisor’. In this code, you will be giving the instructions for your trading strategy that are technically based. You can chalk out the kinds of calculations or indicators that could be used to locate entry and exit points.

In conclusion, forex auto trading has a huge profit potential. Planning a good forex auto trading system is one of the ways that you can successfully leverage your time and effort in order to make as much profit as possible in the currency market.

Scalping Forex

Scalping forex is a trading adjustment that can be adapted by those traders who would like to go for brief and low yielding forex trading. Scalping forex involves opening of a position in the currency market and closing it within minutes if not seconds. Traders scalping in the forex market basically complete several trades in a day to get maybe a gain of five or six pips on their individual trades.

Scalping Forex and Small Pip Profits

Scalping forex requires a climate of top leverage. Each trade targets a small amount of five pips and these small gains collectively made several times in a day add up to a decent amount. The scalping forex trader relies on these small pip profits that come in during the day. Not every broker agency supports this kind of forex trading. The trader who is doing this kind of forex scalping has to be mentally and physically swift to be able to control the quick trades. The traders need their forex scalping decisions to be supported by an automated software system with someone assisting them actively during their trades in addition to the broker’s support.

Scalping Forex with Efficient Software

Scalping in the forex trade can be made abundantly easier if there is a good reliable scalping software arrangement that can be used efficiently. The rules of the forex scalping strategies can be programmed into the scalping software system. Once you settle down, the software program system will do your forex scalping for you.
Forex scalping can get you better results sometimes from a day trading arrangement. While scalping with a good software system, you do not need to run helter skelter to watch the charts or wait with tension for a longer period of time.
If you want quick results from the forex market and with brief transactions, scalping forex is the method that will yield results for you. There is now a new, avant-garde automatic forex scalping strategy software that motivates the forex traders to a new level from where they can start accumulating their profits consistently twenty four hours a day and five days a week. The scalping software should not be compared with other ordinary trading systems. It is a specialized software program for automatic scalping forex strategies. The systems and robots that are utilized for conventional or day trading practices cannot be adapted to forex scalping.
Benefits of Automatic Scalping Forex Software Programs


There are many benefits that can be derived from the automatic scalping forex strategy software programs. These programs can incorporate all forex scalping methods that can be programmed into an individual section of software. This software is good enough to accomplish several trades per day for you with one person controlling it round the clock and for five days in a week as the currency market does not work on weekends like Saturday and Sunday.
Scalping for small earnings is one of the most popular methods in forex trading today. The only thing to watch out here is that this kind of habit can turn the trader in to a compulsive gambler. Getting the small earning rewards from the marketplace can turn into an addiction. This is one thing that you have to be cautious when you are scalping forex.

Forex Scalping

Forex scalping is a trading style that can be categorized as extreme. It involves entering and getting out of the market at quick intervals. It reduces your exposure in the market and you take in small gains. Forex scalping can be extremely profitable if you react well in time and respond quickly. It also requires good trading indicators to generate signals for you. There are many good forex scalping indicators.

Parabolic SAR in Forex Scalping

Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reverse) – This is one of the most powerful forex scalping tools. This indicator generates selling and buying signals on any pair of currencies and its time frames. It is always advisable to confirm the signals of the Parabolic SAR with resistance and support levels so that you can enter into long trades when you get the signals from the SAR and when the price is on a support level. You can enter into short trades when the price is on resistance level. This tends to make the signals quite accurate and increases the success ratio considerably.

Stochastic Oscillator in Forex Scalping

Stochastic Oscillator is another powerful forex scalping indicator. It can generate signals even in scalping time frames of one minute and five minutes and it can be a useful addition to your forex scalping armoury. It is again advisable to confirm the signals of the Stochastic Oscillator with resistance and support levels to ensure that the currency prices have a strong motive to reverse. In forex scalping, it is always important to confirm your forex trades with a minimum of two tools as price can sometimes become unstable within short time frames.

MACD Indicator in Forex Scalping

MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Indicator can be used to check the general trend of the currency market and confirm the trades. You can enter into long trades when the MACD line crosses the trigger line upwards and enter into short trades when the MACD line crosses downwards from the trigger line or the water line. This is another important tool that can increase your forex scalping accuracy. As forex scalping is usually more risky than swing trading and day trading, you can take the help of the signals that are generated by such indicators to make you profitable in the long run.

Accelerator Oscillator in Forex Scalping

Accelerator Oscillator is another indicator that can be used for short term signals and it is very sensitive to changes in the currency trends. When the Accelerator Oscillator is above level zero and has turned from red to green, it is a signal to go into long trades and when it is below the level of zero and has turned from green to red, it is a signal to go into short trades.

The use of FAP Turbo in Forex Scalping

People are mostly apprehensive about forex robots. But, Forex Auto Pilot (FAP) Turbo is software that is automated and works well in the case of live trading as a forex scalping indicator. You have to install the system on your computer and watch while it works for you. You don’t need to place trades as the FAP Turbo will do it for you. The forex scalping techniques have been built into its algorithms.

Forex EA

Forex EA trading may be just what you are looking for if you are tired of a full time regular job. Like any other entrepreneurial job, you can decide where and when you are going to be for work. Forex trading is the exchange or buying and selling of currencies depending on the rates that are dynamic in their nature. Forex trading through Forex EA may guarantee to bring you great returns on your investment. It is always best that you keep a close watch on the currency rates as they are the main deciding factor of how your trade will turn out for you. These rates are dynamic and can change at any given time.

Forex EA and Technology

Your work gets easier when technology allows you to install the right software. With automatic forex trading and Expert Advisor, trades and their estimates can get close to accurate. Forex EA is specialized to take charge of the trading procedure.

Forex EA ensures a very high accuracy in the trading field. Forex EA promotes Forex MT4 market all over the world. You will be able to attract as many customers as possible as this application allows people to learn the currency trading products and techniques and shows them how to trade.

Selecting the Best Forex EA

Forex EA or Expert Advisor is a mechanical trading concept that is made to automate trading activities on the Meta Trader 4 platform. Essentially, it means that a robot can trade for you. There are many ways that you can invest in a forex market and the best way to do it is by the use of best Forex EA software that is available in the market. This software helps you to give an alert of a trading change and allows you to trade with your account automatically. The program will manage all kinds of activities, right from sending orders to adjusting your losses or taking your profits. This means that you will program the system in such a way that you don’t need to sit in front of your computer for a long time. The system will do everything for you.

FAP Turbo is one of the best real money Forex EA robots available in the market. It will allow you to trade with any account size, be it big or small. FAP Turbo will validate your back-test results with live forward trading.

Benefits of Forex EA

One of the greatest benefits that Forex EA can give you is that it eliminates the emotional aspect that is found in us and these emotions and decisions are often factors in your losses in the forex market. This Forex EA software allows you to be strict in forex trading system without the danger of falling outside the pre-programmed parameters. This consistency makes Forex EA very attractive. Forex EA is designed to work quickly so that you can produce reports at any time during the day or night all through the week. This makes it easy for you to analyze the forex market trends and movements.

Forex EA is unique and powerful as it is able to calculate indicators in the market conditions and can give close to accurate decisions for you. You need the Meta Trader 4 platform before you can install and use the Forex EA software.