this EA shows good backtesting results and with default settings it is profitable every year since 2001. The fact that it can handle to the very different market conditions during these years indicates that the strategy is fairly robust. The number of trades seems to vary quite a bit between dif

The Forex Cyclone test account has kicked off pretty good. The first five trades have been winners and no loser so far. A total of 70 pips was been gained in on the first 2 days. We are currently looking into how profits could be further improved and risk reduced with this EA. One way could be to trade more pairs with low cor

so 45 Lots overall. We have also assumed an average pip value of $10 per pip.
* Based

Two weeks ago it was payment time for all of us who has signed up with Cashback Forex. Broker rebates is really a very good way of improving trading profitability. With a decent account you can easily make several hundred dollars every month if you trade with for example FAP Turbo and Megadroid. What makes this service particularly good is that you get a discount based on volume